Friday, August 31, 2012

MC68HC11/711 MCUs

MC68HC11 A8(AB9ST)               MC68HC11 A8(C96N)
MC68HC11A8(D26E)                 MC68HC11 E20(3E22B)
MC68HC11 E9(1B60R)                MC68HC11 E9(D82R)
MC68HC11 E9(E22B)                 MC68HC11 E9(E28B)
MC68HC11 EA9(2D47J)               MC68HC11 F1(2F37E)
MC68HC11 F1(E87J)                  MC68HC11 K1(2D58N)
MC68HC11 K4(1E62H)                MC68HC11 K4(0E75J)
MC68HC11 KA4(1E59B)              MC68HC11 KS2(0H95B)
MC68HC11 KS4(0E57S)              MC68HC11 KS4(0F60M)
MC68HC11 P2(2E53M)               MC68HC711 E20(1H19S)
MC68HC711 E9(4K81H)             MC68HC711 E9(5C47M)
MC68HC711 EA9(0D46J)             MC68HC711 K4(K59D)
MC68HC711 PH8(0H30R)            MC68HC711 E9(5C47M)
MC68HC711 KS8(1H96P)            MC68HC711 P2(1E53M)

The model can’t all list due to the variety of MC68HC11/711 MCUs. Please contact us for specific information.

MC68HC705 MCU attack MC68HC705C4A breack MC68HC705B16