Friday, August 31, 2012

Renesas's M3026

The original Mitsubishi microcontroller family belonging to Renesas Technology. we can provide Renesas's M3026 series MCU crack service, such as common M30262F6GP MCU decryption. Where M denotes MITSUBISHI, 30 is representative of M16C series, 26 represents the 20 family of M16C series, F represents the FLASH memory, and then the ROM size. When you want to decrypt chip, please have s basic understanding of your chips, then tell the model to engineers. Beijing Sichip can crack M3062xxx, M3028XXX, M30260FXX, M30262FXX, M30263FXX series micorocontrollers.

Part of the models are as follows:

M30260F3A    M30260F4A    M30260F6A    M30260F8A    M30262F3    M30262F4
M30262F6       M30262F8    M30263F3A    M30263F4A    M30263F6A    M30263F8A
M30280F6    M30280F8    M30280FA    M30281F6