Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMS320F281x Flash

The F2812 and F2811 contain 128K x 16 of embedded flash memory, segregated into four 8K x 16
sectors, and six 16K x 16 sectors. The F2810 has 64K x 16 of embedded flash, segregated into two 8K x
16 sectors, and three 16K x 16 sectors. All three devices also contain a single 1K x 16 of OTP memory at
address range 0x3D 7800–0x3D 7BFF. The user can individually erase, program, and validate a flash
sector while leaving other sectors untouched. However, it is not possible to use one sector of the flash or
the OTP to execute flash algorithms that erase/program other sectors. Special memory pipelining is
provided to enable the flash module to achieve higher performance. The flash/OTP is mapped to both
program and data space; therefore, it can be used to execute code or store data information.

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