Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CY7C024AV-20AXI chip decryption

CY7C024AV-20AXI chip decryption,cypress MCU code extraction, PCB cloning . 
True dual-ported memory cells which enable simultaneous
access of the same memory location
 4, 8 or 16 K × 16 organization
0.35 micron CMOS for optimum speed and power
 High speed access: 20 ns and 25 ns
 Low operating power
 Active: ICC = 115 mA (typical)
 Standby: ISB3
= 10 ?A (typical)
 Fully asynchronous operation

Automatic power down
 Expandable data bus to 32 bits or more using Master and Slave
chip select when using more than one device
 On chip arbitration logic
 Semaphores included to permit software handshaking
between ports
 INT flag for port-to-port communication
 Separate upper byte and lower byte control
 Pin select for Master or Slave (M/S)
 Commercial and industrial temperature ranges
 Available in 100-pin Pb-free TQFP and 100-pin TQFP

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