Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CY8C20111-SX1I PSoC Functional Overview

CY8C20111-SX1I PSoC Functional Overview
The PSoC family consists of many Programmable
System-on-Chips with On-Chip Controller devices. These
devices are designed to replace multiple traditional MCU based
system components with one low cost single chip programmable
component. A PSoC device includes configurable analog and
digital blocks and programmable interconnect. This architecture
enables the user to create customized peripheral configurations
to match the requirements of each individual application.
Additionally, a fast CPU, flash program memory, SRAM data
memory, and configurable I/O are included in a range of
convenient pinouts.
The PSoC architecture for this device family, as shown in
Figure 1, consists of three main areas: the Core, the System
Resources, and the CapSense Analog System. A common
versatile bus enables connection between I/O and the analog
system. Each CY8C20x34 PSoC device includes a dedicated
CapSense block that provides sensing and scanning control
circuitry for capacitive sensing applications. Depending on the
PSoC package, up to 28 general purpose I/O (GPIO) are also
included. The GPIO provide access to the MCU and analog mux.

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