Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CY7C024E-25AXC chip decryption

CY7C024E-25AXC chip decryption,cypress MCU code extraction, PCB cloning . 
 True dual-ported memory cells that allow simultaneous reads
of the same memory location
 4K ×16 organization (CY7C024E)
 4K × 18 organization (CY7C0241E)
 8K × 16 organization (CY7C025E)
 8K × 18 organization (CY7C0251E)
 0.35-μ complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) for
optimum speed and power
 High-speed access: 15 ns
 Low operating power: ICC = 180 mA (typ), ISB3
 = 0.05 mA (typ)
 Fully asynchronous operation
 Automatic power-down
 Expandable data bus to 32/36 bits or more using master/slave
chip select when using more than one device
 On-chip arbitration logic
 Semaphores included to permit software handshaking
between ports
 INT flag for port-to-port communication
 Separate upper-byte and lower-byte control
 Pin select for master or slave
 Available in Pb-free 100-pin thin quad flatpack (TQFP) package

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