Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CY8C20111-SX1I Additional System Resources

CY8C20111-SX1I Additional System Resources
System Resources provide additional capability useful to
complete systems. Additional resources include low voltage
detection and power on reset. Brief statements describing the
merits of each system resource follow:
 The I2C slave or SPI master-slave module provides 50/100/400
kHz communication over two wires. SPI communication over
three or four wires run at speeds of 46.9 kHz to 3 MHz (lower
for a slower system clock).
 Low voltage detection (LVD) interrupts signal the application

falling voltage levels, while the advanced POR (Power On
Reset) circuit eliminates the need for a system supervisor.
 An internal 1.8 V reference provides an absolute reference for
capacitive sensing.
 The 5 V maximum input, 3 V fixed output, low dropout regulator
(LDO) provides regulation for I/Os. A register controlled bypass
mode enables the user to disable the LDO.

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